Spring 2014

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Revision Guidelines

Group Presentation on The Other Wes Moore

Paper #5: (Wes Moore)

Paper #4 (Angie Bachmann)

podcast on Angie Bachmann (click on Transcript to see the text)

Course Syllabus


MLA Format

Thoughts on Writing

Documenting and Integrating Quotes

Four Types of Support

Thesis Statements

Writing Introductions

Thoughts on Revision

Tips on In-Class Writing

Can I Use “I”?

Procrastination: The Number One Reason Why Students Fail


M Jan. 27

Introduction to the course

Due W Jan. 29

Read Course Syllabus

Read “Brainology” (pink handout)

Read Homework Requirements

Homework #1 Due: In your own words, explain “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” from “Brainology.” Which type of mindset have you had through most of your education? Give a specific example.


Due M Feb. 3

Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Drive (pages 1-31)

Read and print this handout on the Four Types of Support

Homework #2 Due: What did Harry Harlow and Edward Deci’s experiments show about motivation?

Due W Feb. 5

Read Instructions for Group Presentations

In-class preparation for Essay #1 (will be written in class). Bring “Brainology,” Drive, and any notes you have taken.

Group Presentation sign-ups in class.


Due M Feb. 10

You will write Essay #1 in class today. Bring “Brainology,” Drive, your notes, and a laptop if you have one.

Due W Feb. 12

Read Chapter 2 of Drive (pages 32-57)

Homework #3 Due: In the experiments described in Chapter 2 of Drive, why didn’t money work as a motivator?

Group 1 presents Chapter 2


M Feb. 17: No class due to the President’s Day Holiday! Start reading ahead in Drive.

Due W Feb. 19

Read Essay #2 assignment

Read Chapter 2A in Drive (pages 58-67)

Homework #4 Due: According to Chapter 2A of Drive, in what circumstances did extrinsic rewards help motivate people? In your own words, explain one example Daniel Pink gives. Also, give an example from your own life that relates to the ideas in Chapter 2A.

Group 2 presents Chapter 2A


Due M Feb. 24

Read Chapter 3 in Drive (pages 68-79)

Group 3 presents Chapter 3

Review Essay #2 assignment

Bring in a typed thesis and outline for Essay #2 (1 point)

Due W Feb. 26

Read Chapter 4 in Drive (pages 83-106)

No class today.


Due M March 3

Group 4 presents Chapter 4 of Drive.

Bring in a 2-page, typed rough draft for Essay #2 (2 points assigned, only if you come to class with your draft printed)

Read the Prologue and Ch. 1 of The Power of Habit. Click here to access the reading. I will bring you a printed copy on Monday.

Homework #5 due: In your own words, explain what you learned from reading and apply it to a real-life example. 

Due W March 5

Essay #2 due. Be sure that your essay is printed and stapled at the beginning of class. Please also be sure to staple the rubric to the back of your essay. Thank you!

Read Ch. 3 of The Power of Habit (yellow handout) and complete Anticipation Guide


Due M March 10

In-Class Essay #2 will be today. Please bring Ch. 1 and 3 of The Power of Habit and a laptop if you have one.

Due W March 12

Read Ch. 8 of The Power of Habit (blue handout)

Group 5 presents


Due M March 17

Read Chapter 7 (Rat Park) of Opening Skinner’s Box

Look at this cartoon on Rat Park if it helps you!

Group 6 presents

Homework #6 due: What did the Rat Park experiments show about addiction? Explain the reading in your own words, but also use at least one quote in your response.

Due W March 19

Complete brainstorming sheet (handed out in class on Monday) for Essay #4.

Reread “Rat Park”

SPRING BREAK! No Classes Meet on March 24 and 26th


Due M March 31

Bring in a 3-page draft of Essay #4

Due W April 2

In-class revisions of Power of Habit essays. Bring your essay, the reading, and a laptop if you have one.


Due M April 7

Read Chapter 2 from Opening Skinner’s Box (pages 31-62)

There will be a quiz on the reading! Be ready. 🙂

Due W April 9

Reread Chapter 2


Due M April 14

NO CLASS TODAY … but there is still work to do! See below.

Read green handout (Milgram critique)

Read and print Group Presentation guidelines 

Work on your Drive revision

Due W April 16

Drive revisions due

Be ready for a quiz on the Milgram reviews

Bring your Angie Bachmann essay to class

In-class writing conferences


Due M April 21

In-class writing conferences

Due W April 23

Final draft of Paper #4 (Angie Bachmann paper) due. To the back of your paper, please staple the draft I commented on and the grading rubric (click here for rubric). Be sure to arrive to class on time for full credit on your essay. Thanks. 

Read Ch. 1 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 1-25)


Due M April 28

Print and read the assignment sheet for Essay #5

Read Ch. 2-3 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 26-62)

Group 1 presents

Due W April 30

Read Ch. 4 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 61-84)

Group 2 presents


Due M May 5

Read Ch. 5-6 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 85-122)

Group 3 presents

Due W May 7

Read Ch. 7 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 123-145)

Group 4 presents

Start working on your essay: Brainstorm a working thesis and do a 5-10-minute freewrite.


M May 12

Read  Ch. 8-9 of The Other Wes Moore (pages 146-171)

Group 5 presents

Draft of Essay due (3 pages)

W May 14

Read Epilogue and Afterword of The Other Wes Moore (pages 173-186)

Group 6 presents

Final Draft of Wes Moore essay due!


The final exam is scheduled for Monday, May 19, between noon-2pm, in our regular classroom. To prepare for the final, please re-read “Brainology.” Bring “Brainology” to class along with writing materials, including a laptop if you have one. Thank you!